Vimberg Speakers

Hi Guys,

Anybody owns Vimberg speakers?
Have you compared the normal version to the D version? (Diamond tweeter)
What were your listening impressions?
What do you drive them with? Are they difficult to drive being 4 Ohms?
Anyone heard them with the constellations Mono 1.0?
Are they difficult to place in the room?
Are they versatile speakers?

I'm going to rebuild a system from scratch and I'm interested in the Mino.
I don't want to spend more on power than on the speakers (ie too difficult to drive)

Any insight is appreciated,



There are two brands I have recently fallen for. Vimberg and 
Boresson. They have bypassed the British from what I have
heard. Please keep us posted on your progress.
Steph here is our take on your questions. We are going to be a Vimberg dealer, and have a pair of Amea's on order. 

We have 30 years of experience with high performance loudspeakers.

Our decision to pursue Vimberg came about after hearing the Tondas at Axpona.  At Axpona we heard every major expensive loudspeakers at the show, which included many of the Magicos, the Wilson DAW,

We have the KEF Blades, and the Paradigm Personas and the Legacy Aeris on the floor, each one of these excellent loudspeakers have a strength and particular set of attributes. 

Previously we have had  Kharmas at our shop and the Polymer Research MKX-S on display which is a speaker with both the Acuton Diamond tweeter and Diamond midrange drivers, in a very inert all metal enclosure with custom bass drivers. 

So we have heard and played with a ton of great loudspeakers. 

The Vimbergs were spectacular at Axpona, the speakers were one of the most amazing demos at the show, they were tonally pure, had a huge sound stage, had excellent bass response and just sounded like music they were the best sounding set of speakers at the show for less money than  the other reference grade loudspeakers.

The Mino is designed for a good sized room but will not sound as big or offer as much deep bass as the larger Tonda.

As per the Ceramic vs the Diamond tweeter, the Ceramic is much smoother than earlier generations of this tweeter it just lacks the greater sweat-ness  and clarity of the Diamond.

Jeff went with the Ceramic as it is the better value, you can also start with the Ceramic tweeter and later switch to the Diamond. 

We would look at the Lumin X1 as one of the best streamer dacs along with the T+A electronics which are very sweet sounding with superb extension. The T+A gear is absolutely world class, superbly musical, beautifully styled, up-gradable, and priced less than the competition.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 

I also thought the Vimbergs were one of the best sounding speakers at AXPONA. Makes me wonder just how stunning the parent company Tidal offerings must be.
Thanks guys
@audiotroy you’re right, I’ve had my eyes on the X1 and especially on T+A for a while too
I think I’m almost set on the speakers, now I need to decide how to drive them
I’m looking to build a simple system, I was looking to have the Auralic Vega G2 as a streamer / Dac / Preamp directly into the Constellation Mono 1.0. What do you think of these components / setup?

The other option as per your suggestion would be to have the Lumin X1 into the T+A PA 3100 HV? For roughly the same budget.
In that case, I think the constellation blocks would probably drive the speakers better? Do you think these speakers are hard to drive them being 4 ohms?

For T+A, ideally you’d need to add the power supply or best, the mono blocks with the power supply but then the budget quickly goes through the roof...
For the Tonda vs the Mino, the Tonda are just too big for my room...

Can you use the Lumin X1 directly with power amps? Can it serve as a preamp? I saw lumin uses it with their new power amp but on their site they say that using it as volume control is not advisable?


Can LUMIN control my amplifier volume?

Currently, this feature is not available. The app volume control digitally adjusts the output from LUMIN. This is not necessarily the highest quality method and therefore we recommend that you use your amplifier’s remote control for this purpose.


I listened to a pair of Vimberg Mino recently and didnt feel the room or components were doing the speakers any favours.. my take away is that they def need careful system matching ie warm amplification.