Vimberg Speakers

Hi Guys,

Anybody owns Vimberg speakers?
Have you compared the normal version to the D version? (Diamond tweeter)
What were your listening impressions?
What do you drive them with? Are they difficult to drive being 4 Ohms?
Anyone heard them with the constellations Mono 1.0?
Are they difficult to place in the room?
Are they versatile speakers?

I'm going to rebuild a system from scratch and I'm interested in the Mino.
I don't want to spend more on power than on the speakers (ie too difficult to drive)

Any insight is appreciated,


If you guys like the sound of Accuton drivers, another company that uses these is Estelon.  I heard these some years back at the So Cal Audio show and was mightily impressed.  I think it was the model XB on demo.  But the XA and models up the line have gotten rave reviews.
I think Marten also uses accuton drivers.
When Jorn Janczak (Tidal / Vimberg) was asked about it, he said that drivers are like grapes, and you can make either vinegar with it or very good wine...And that the drivers are just a base but the rest of the speaker makes a big difference
@audiotroy, while I recognize it's nearly impossible to compare one speaker to another in different systems, I am compelled to ask if you have experience with Radiho D1.1 and if so, how does their sound compare to the Amea?

Currently have focal sopra 2’s powered by audio research ref 160m’s and a audio research ref 6 preamp.

Still kinda looking, but I’m 80% sure I’m going to order the vimberg Tondas. Going to make my final decision after Axpona in April. Have listened to the Tonda’s almost every Saturday for the last 3 months. Very impressed with them.
@audiotroy  How do the vimbergs compare to the focal utopia line like scala utopia evo?
Also I believe the piano G2 is not that far off price wise from the mino  is that right? Would the G2 be a better option then?
I compared the tonda D to the contriva g2 and found the g2 far superior (but enjoyed the tonda D as well).