Vincent SV-800 Class A Amplifier Gets Very Hot

I just recently (02-11-2014) took delivery of a new integrated amplifier the Vincent SV-800. My previous integrated amplifier was the Vincent SV-236MK. Both use tubes but the SV-800 uses more tubes actually. The SV-800 is a Class A amplifier and I notice it gets very, very hot. The sound is wonderful and really not much different than the SV-236MK.The speakers I use are the Bower & Wilkins PM1s and also recently purchased the Sony HAP-Z1ES high resolution music player/Musical Fidelity A5 CD Player.
Generally, Class A amps run extremely hot. That's the nature of pure Class A topology.
Wilhoover, congrats on getting the HAP-Z1ES. Apologies for being off topic here, but if you have any user review type observations about the Sony that you'd be willing to share, I and several others would be interested. There's another thread named "Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013." Check it out!
Hi Wilhoover

How hot does the Vincent SV-800 get? Does it get so hot to the point of when you touch it you have to move your hand away immediately? Class A amps get hot but you should be able to touch them for a couple of moments. I believe the legendary Aleph 5 amp gets to 120 to 130 degrees
Fahrenheit (50 to 55 degrees Celsius) in about an hour.
So I'm torn between the SV 800 and the new SV 237 integrated amp.What would you do?