Vinshine/Alibaba..What to buy and where?

Is it wise to pay the extra money for a Denafrips ares 2 from Vinshine in Singapore vs getting it cheaper through Alibaba site? Don't want to pay more than I have to,  but don't want to get ripped off or receive counterfeit cloned merchandise, etc.

Once I figure out where to buy, what's the best bang for the buck of the Denafrips ares 2,  Ares2 12th edition,  used chord qutest, RME ADI -2, etc.

I'm looking for a more musical style dac than ultra clinical revealing sound, and budget is in the $1,000 dollar range unless I can get 90% of that sound for $300 from Geshelli labs. Thoughts???


I bought a Denafrips Pontus 12 anniversary last month from Vinshine. I could not be more pleased with it. I think the brand and supplier are worth the extra expense. Chinese counterfeit goods are a real problem. Why take the risk? If one wants to get a cheaper price, buy a second hand unit from someone who can prove they bought it new from Vinshine.

be very very careful with alibaba -- it is truly the wild west, so to speak (in the east of course lol)... i would rather buy off of ebay than alibaba... if a seller on alibaba sends you blatantly fake sh*t you are totally at their mercy if you are in the usa or canada

Aliexpress is hit or miss and good Lucke trying to return something to them.

One more vote for Alvin from Vinshine audio. I was in the exact same predicament, and for a few bucks less on AliExpress. I talked to Alvin, or at least I emailed him, there’s just a trust factor there... I ended up buying my components from Alvin for a few more percentage points. Just came down to I didn't want to worry.

I bought from Alvin.

Advantage of knowing the product was genuine.

Also returned last week, and got a refund. Doubt I could do that with Aliexpress.