Vintage 9"/10" tonearm for low compliance carts?

I'm trying to decide on a new tonearm for my Luxman 441 and would welcome any suggestions and shared experience.

My other table is a heavy-plinthed Garrard 401 with a SME M2-12R, and I'd like to use the same set of cartridges on the Luxman. I currently own an SPU 90th Anniversary, a Supex 909ii, and an AT20sla and I'm very content sticking with heavier/lower compliance cartridges similar to these.

I know the SME 3009R/3010R would be a good fit. What other tonearms come to mind? Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks
Lustre 801, SAEC [?], Fidelity Research, AT. There were a number of good Japanese arms; many of them made by Lustre or Jelco. The original Ortofon RS 212 was considered good in its day. I had one but so long ago I don't really remember much about it. The Zeta had a mass of 16 grams or so which should be enough for your cartridges and was a very good arm.