Vintage automatic turntable recommendations?

Hey guys-
I have a Rega RP1 and it is fine and all, but I would listen to more vinyl if I had an automatic turntable. I know that is sacrilegious in the hi-fi community, but who cares. Does anyone have any favorite vintage automatic turntables? I was checking out the Sansui XR-Q7 and it sounds like a good option...
Thanks in advance!
70s Sony PS4300 fully auto, speed adjustable,  no buttons, heat sensor activation and sounds good too.
cb5300, I am looking at purchasing a 59L.  Are there some inherent electrical or  mechanical problems that may make this hard to repair in the future? How do these take to shipping if packed well?

Tony Broussard
Hello!  I have a TN-300 that is fitted with a Ortofon Blue cartridge. It's a good entry level turntable and with the Ortofon it's a bit more than that.
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