Vintage dbx Products

Hello forum members,

Do any of you see a use for old dbx products?  I have a dbx 224 and a program route selector I purchased back in the early 80's.  I am cleaning out some old electronics for recycle.  Maybe the dbx 200 is useful to someone, but not sure the 224 is of any use.  Got rid of my reel-to-reel and cassettes long ago.




Well, it was working fine when I boxed it up and its been sitting in its original packing for years.  I assume it still works.

There seems to be some activity with dbx 224's on eBay, so that might be an outlet vs. the electronics recycling bin.  I've read an article or two that cassette is not totally dead yet...and there are some writings of it making a (small) comeback.

Made some fantastic tapes for the car stereo from CD with a dbx 4BX unit back in the mid '90's.  dbx was great gear.

Thanks jheppe805, I will check there.  Agreed, made some great cassettes as well, although a bit earlier than you and from vinyl.   I still use the technics SL-10 I purchased in 1982.  Brings back some great memories.