Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?

I have just acquired a 32 year old JVC/Victor TT-101 DD turntable after having its lesser brother, the TT-81 for the last year.
This is one of the great DD designs made at a time when the giant Japanese electronics companies like Technics, Denon, JVC/Victor and Pioneer could pour millions of dollars into 'flagship' models to 'enhance' their lower range models which often sold in the millions.
Because of their complexity however.......if they are 'unobtanium'....and they often cannot be repaired.

The 100M comes with its own tonearm that was designed in specific for the DP-100

I have seen a DP-100 with what appeared to be an OEM cast
SME arm plate so it seems other arms were an option made available.
Technics SL-1000MK3D has arrived. With the EPC-P100C-MK4 cartridge, the combo is sounding superb.

a few photo's if interested.

The DP-100M came with their bionic arm and the controls for it, whereas the DP-100 came with an armband of some choosing (I've seen two variants, one being 12" SME), and no provisions for the 100M arm. 
I'd say the A505 is a near second, but it may be a wash; one has better bearings, the other an adjustable counterweight.
Looks good Shane.....😎
Can't remember seeing a Technics arm quite like that one.....