Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?

I have just acquired a 32 year old JVC/Victor TT-101 DD turntable after having its lesser brother, the TT-81 for the last year.
This is one of the great DD designs made at a time when the giant Japanese electronics companies like Technics, Denon, JVC/Victor and Pioneer could pour millions of dollars into 'flagship' models to 'enhance' their lower range models which often sold in the millions.
Because of their complexity however.......if they are 'unobtanium'....and they often cannot be repaired.
Best Groove,

Lewm has stock of one of the unobtanium IC, I have of the other, so should you need one I can help too.

Best of Luck

I've given two TT101 chips away at this point, so I am not sure it's fair to say I have a "stock" of them, but I do think I have a few more, in one of those drawers where you put things you don't want to lose and then forget where the drawer is.  I would always want to keep at least one spare for myself.

Many many thanks for your precious help..... I will keep in mind if insurmountable problems arise when I begin work.

Surely the turntable will need a complete recap first of all because the capacitors are all original (many failures happen because of the skills out of tolerance) and later I will be able to discover the remaining faults.

I hope everything is resolved without major problems (I'm optimistic) luckily in the world there are good technicians very competent for repairs and to give some advice on this turntable; In the states there is Mr.JP in Italy someone might find, in UK I found there is a good laboratory with plenty of experience on the JVC turntable also for our TT-101 (I need to find the address).

This does not rule out that if I need an unsolvable failure I will ask all these competent people to understand and solve the problem.

I hope so much is not broken some IC unproblematic but I understand that Lewm has some spare for sale.

My English is bad and writing is not perfect, so you can understand that I'm a stranger. :)
Best-groove, No, Lewm does not have some spare for sale.  I cannot supply all TT101 owners, but I may be able to spare one for you for no cost if you really need it.  Assuming I have at least two left in my stash.

Fix first, re-cap after.  You'll want to ensure the power supply voltages are correct, so you may need to re-cap the supplies.