Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?

I have just acquired a 32 year old JVC/Victor TT-101 DD turntable after having its lesser brother, the TT-81 for the last year.
This is one of the great DD designs made at a time when the giant Japanese electronics companies like Technics, Denon, JVC/Victor and Pioneer could pour millions of dollars into 'flagship' models to 'enhance' their lower range models which often sold in the millions.
Because of their complexity however.......if they are 'unobtanium'....and they often cannot be repaired.
Best-groove, No, Lewm does not have some spare for sale.  I cannot supply all TT101 owners, but I may be able to spare one for you for no cost if you really need it.  Assuming I have at least two left in my stash.

Fix first, re-cap after.  You'll want to ensure the power supply voltages are correct, so you may need to re-cap the supplies.  
@lewm all right .......knowing if it will serve I will know it in several months I will keep all you up to date on development, I hope it is not necessary but thanks for your generous offer. :)

@jpjones .....many thanks for your suggestion :)
Is the IC used in any other JVC or other brand turntable? Because there's usually lower priced models available cheap.
maybe everything can be...... but I do not know.

It would be sufficient to compare the TT 81 and TT 71 service manuals for example, but I'm not sure these models adopt the bi-directional servo.