Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?

I have just acquired a 32 year old JVC/Victor TT-101 DD turntable after having its lesser brother, the TT-81 for the last year.
This is one of the great DD designs made at a time when the giant Japanese electronics companies like Technics, Denon, JVC/Victor and Pioneer could pour millions of dollars into 'flagship' models to 'enhance' their lower range models which often sold in the millions.
Because of their complexity however.......if they are 'unobtanium'....and they often cannot be repaired.
Dear @best-groove:  Many years ago when I rediscovered again my Denon units I was really exited because outperformed my MS RX5000 easily and then I bougth 3 SP-10s. 

If I remember and in Agon was me whom started/proponent of first de DD alternative along Technics/Denon machines  when everybody here were in love with their Walker, Basis and all the BD stuff. I'm still a proponent of the DD alternative but here that enthusiasm as the one you have for the vintage TT like the TT-101 or even if you can't afford Technics SP10 MK2/3 has today no reason at all. With some of the other units you named is a little different.

@lewm I know that you are in love with your excelent and refurbished SP10 MK3 as are other owners over the earth.
Well the new Technics are superior units to your units or the Artisan ones or from whatever comes and the prices of the new Technics will be down over time so this is the time to take care of your money and put on sale your Technics because today still are some advocates for and in very short time no one will give you the kind of money you can get today. 

If you put on sale you can have several rewards because with that money you can buy the top new Technic unit.

Btw, I know from very well source that Denon is forthcoming too and this is a great news for all the analog high end world. I own no more SP-10s.

@jpjones3318, my engliash understanding is really bad and if you are not a refurbish gentleman then accept my apologizes about because that's what I understand.

Anyway, time to sale.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
@rauliruegas, I have done refurbish work, though I do not market vintage units. Aside from talking about my personal preferences, my public thoughts on vintage gear pertain to facts only.

in Italy has not yet arrived but it should still be a few weeks away
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