Vintage integrated Amps. What to look for?

I am sure there are a few that have done what I am thinking of doing and would like to get some opinions on doing so.

I have for years always had separates, and good ones at that. Now while I have always been happy with what I had I have always had the urge to try some vintage gear.
I thinking of selling my separate preamp and amp and getting an old Fisher, Marantz or Sansui integrated amp. I have read allot of good things on the Sansui 20000.

Who has done this and were you happy with the change?? What were or are your likes and dislikes also what vintage integrated amp's did you look at? consider buying or did buy. I would like to have a phono stage on it.

Do it.Get a mint cond model of your choice for ridiculous money on ebay.Like 150$,put another 150-200$ for caps,parts etc. and you will have a very nice unit that will make you ask"Why did I spend that 10K?"Remember the speakers must be easy to drive.I just did it with a Sansui 5000 and another model which escapes me just now.The sound was 80-90% of what I had with new mid-fi stuff.I am now playing with Mcintosh which is much more expensive that the classic Japanese stuff so the beat goes on,sometimes in a circle,have fun,Bob
My suggestion: Sherwood, integrated or receiver. Often on ebay, very musical, full but airy.
Sansui Au series ..Built like a tank and sound great.......
I am using the ( 2nd system ) AU 517 Int. Nice phono also...
I would add the Sony pieces, vintage 1966 to 1976. These pieces have superb sound, build quality and phono stages, and were built to compete with the likes of McIntosh and Marantz. The receivers have superb tuner sections. Look especially for the 1120 integrated. Matched capacitors!
Hey,I have traveled down this path, I've had the Sansui's and Pioneers, With the Sansui's I thought the AU 717 and AU 719 were great.
Old Yamaha 000 series is very good.(like ca-600,ca800,ca1000,the later ones are not as good,Ive had them.
Oh, another goodie, really old NAD. I have a NAD 7080 reciever that is hard to believe good.( there is a review of it on Audiogon,and he nails it.
Early pioneer is better than the later stuff,early seventies, no ic chips,more discreet= better sound.

The Holy grail of vintage gear (solid state) that will kill most new gear is,and most likey drop your jaw.

Drum roll please..............

Accuphase. I own the old and new of Accuphase.

Best wishes on your hunt.
I have always liked the Kenwood KA-6100,7100,8100 & 9100 models,
The design of the cosmetics is really nice with the giant volume control.
I am using the lower powered KA 3500 in my office- price was right - free on CL !
My main system comprises a Mitsubishi LT-30 TT and an upgraded Sansui AU D11 with MAC Ultra Silver+ cables between them. Audiogon member "Ezekiel" aka Randy Young is who I've purchsed a few cupgraded vintage items from and have always been more than pleased.
Thanks for all the ideas. The Accuphase is probably more than I want to spend. I really liked the Sansui 20000 but the one for sale here comes up on numerous searches and the ad looks like it was pieced together from two other ads. I will stay away from that one. I never thought about Luxman and Tandberg. I will have to research those also.
Thanks so far on the suggestions.
I will be hooking this vintage amp up to Gallo 3.1 speakers.
Remember this too,at some point you will have to give the Unit some TLC.
So, pick one that at tech wont mind working on.
Some of the older European stuff -could- be problematic
with part, and some are a tech unfriendly.
I asked my friend at Northwest Audio repair,John who's the owner and repairman,"What do you think about Revox gear" and he went on about how hard they are to work on.

There are many great older units and I wasnt trying to name them all,but the ones that made a positive impression on me. I have heard GREAT thigs about the old Sonys as Johnnantais had stated, I want to pick one up too, I think there hard to find though.

I think older quality gear is just plain more musical, The old bipolar transistors just sound great. More body to the music,more flesh on the bones.
I also suggest the Sansui AU-717. My roomate had one and I still think it was one of the best sounding setups I ever enjoyed. Maybe a little sensitive to low impedence loads as once in a while it would go into thermal protection after extended enthusiastic sessions driving double Advents. Always cranked back up after a cool off period and sounded great again!
Tandberg makes some of the nicest and best-sounding integrated amps. And they sound worlds better than the other ones you mentioned. Check out this 3012A right here on Agon:

I also really like the NAD integrateds, very ballsy sound. Check out this C272:

Ya,Sansui AU717 integrated, can't go wong.
Musical and powerful,with good detail,smooth also.
And it looks cool!
USblues is right. Get a clean one, then plan on putting some more $$ into it to replace old caps, add bypasses, have all the controls cleaned. Sansui, Pioneer, adn Kenwood made some complete dual mono integrated amps before it was cool to do dual mono.
Finally.After 8 long cold windy years.A little respect......thanks Johnss and Happy Thanksgiving men,cheers,Bob
Usblues Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family to and thanks for the responses.
I owned the KA=6100 a long time ago. It even drove my (new to me) MG-1s until I could afford a power amp...and Than I turned the Kenwood into just a pre with a snip and a solder.
The volume control was amazing...huge, repeatable and great channel balance thruout its range.
I didn't realize there were so many choices. Started to get a headache looking at all the suggestions. I thought there would be a couple clear cut ones to look at that were at the top but there seems to be more than just a few.
Send me 125$,I'll send you what you need.Sansui 5000.If you dont like it,send it back.BUT,I need to know your speakers,cheers,Bob
Find a mint example, I really like the Pioneer ones. Get it serviced. I have an SA-9500 II integrated, weighs close to 35 lbs and looks fantastic.

Circa 1977, these units are becoming collectable, IMHO.
Usblues thanks for the offer but I have spades on my speaker cables and I don't plan on changing them out. The Sansui 5000 wont work with them. That's why I was looking at the AU Sansui's or others that will except spades.
I would look for a clean Accuphase E202 and have a recap done....great build quality. The great thing about the vintage Accuphase is they are designed with plug in PCB's and once you upgrade them.....well I have upgraded many and they sound simply wonderful. My guess is 400-500 for a unit and 300-400 for the recap...for under 1K....a no brainer.
I have been looking for an Accuphase to show up on here and EBay and nothing as of yet. I have narrowed it down to a couple on Accuphase is one of two on my list. There was a Accuphase E-303x here that sold pretty quick. Sold for a pretty decent price I was a little lat on it. I will keep looking.