Vintage Marantz in Geico Commercial

Sometimes we see a classic piece of audio gear in a movie, but this is the first time I've seen one in a commercial that was not audio related. No name is shown, but it's obvious as to what it is.


Yes, a 70's Marantz 105B tuner to be specific.  Only Marantz had that flywheel tuning control.  Did you notice the miniature air hockey table in front of it? Here's some more info with still pics:


In addition to the air hockey table, what about the miniature milk crates behind the gecko? Is that albums in the yellow one?


     Yes, I assumed it was a receiver until I looked closer, they all had the flywheel tuning control, too.


    Yes, it does look like albums in the yellow crate, wonder if they're individual albums.  Very impressive, everything miniature looks Geico gecko sized  They've gotta have a specialist making all this tiny stuff and just emptied out the prop room (from previous ads) for this garage sale ad.