Vintage Marantz Repairs

Hi all. I'm hoping someone here can point me to a good technician who can service a vintage Marantz 2265 receiver. I'm starting to hear crackling through one of the channels. I'm in the Jersey Shore area, about equi-distant between New York and Philadelphia but someone closer to the Shore is best. Thanks for all your help! Mike
Bring it to John Rutan in Verona NJ - AudioConnection. He's got great techie on Marantz equipment.

It is probably as simple as cleaning the controls.  the volume, balance, etc. pots.  I have found that this works great and before spending money to fix something that may be relative easy to fix by sending it away. find a good electronic spray contact cleaner.  Unplug the unit for a day.  find the various pots and most of the older ones actually have access for spray to get into them.  Be generous with the spray and have at it.

If receiver has always been used, than more likely crackle origin is caps that surely reached the time to be inspected/replaced.

Thanks guys. I was thinking it was probably due for a good cleaning but was also thinking the parts are getting pretty old and it really needs to be looked at by a qualified tech. I have been to Audio Connection once a few years back and they seemed like nice people but I didn't get a chance to stay there long. It's about an hour and a half ride for me. I didn't know they had techs there but I know they have a great reputation. I will be contacting them. Thanks all.