Vintage Receiver: TANDBERG, MARANTZ, or…?

Hi guys,

My primary system is in storage in NY, and I am building a small system in Lisbon, Portugal, where I am currently basing.

I have started with the purchase of a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers, and would like to use a '70s vintage receiver as the heart of the system.

Frankly, I am shooting blind, so to speak, as I haven't listened to any of the units that I am considering (having used separates for decades). However, having done a fair bit of research on-line, I am gravitating towards the Tandberg 1040P. The Marantz 2230 also looks like an interesting possibility, as I am seeking something high-quality, warm, and with an excellent tuner.

So…if any members have strong opinions about good '70s receivers, especially if you have listened to them with the VS monitors, please do contribute, and you don't have to limit yourselves to those models.

I should add that in NY I used Virtual Dynamics David speaker cables, and loved them. But that was with a different (and better) system, and I will now look for something less expensive. Any opinions on cables and the type of receiver I am considering would also be appreciated.

Thanks much in advance!


Tony C.

What?? 18 replies and counting with no dealers yet advising that vintage gear is horribly unreliable, invariably needs new caps and in any case dramatically under performs whatever they have for sale new?

Maybe Audiogon is getting back to its old self.

Vintage receivers are really beautiful and can sound surprisingly good.

I would agree the Tandberg and in particular McIntosh receivers are potentially more high end than the Japanese equivalents.

You might also check out Marantz and some from the Yamaha "Natural Sound" era.

Good luck.
My re-capped, upgraded integrated (sorry it's not a receiver) Sansui AU D-11 sits inthe bedroom matched with re-coned EPI 100s.
The Harman Kardon X30 series of receivers are very nice, particularly the 430 and 730.

agree with dave on the hk x30 (i still have the 330 and 730)--as i understand it hk employed minimal negative feedback than others of that era and consequently sound more lifelike. however, i'd still opt for that tandberg.