Vintage Tannoy's,,what are your amps?

I am waiting for some Tannoy Monitor Gold 12's with Xovers worked over by Kara Chaffee of DeHavilland.

I may drive them with Berning EA-230's, a Fisher 400 tubed reciever or an Allen organ amp (6L6GC's) thru a Berning TF-10 preamp...

I was wondering what amps do other fellow vintage Tannoyists use?
I run my Tannoy 15' classic monitors with Allen Organ 90's (Gold) with KT90' in triode mode or Allen Organ silvers with EL 34's.
Hhh,,,These Allen organ amps are good ey? I love mine...stereo version with 30 watts/ch/
I own Tannoy Arundel that use 15' drivers, completely redone the crossovers (without changing any component values) and I drive them with an all BAT setup and could not be happier. IMO Tannoys may not be the most accurate speakers out there in terms of but the are surely some of the most musical and enjoyable transducers.
I am running my Tannoy LRM's fully active, using a BSS 360 x-over.
These have the (necessary) two-band parametric eq build in.
Amplifiers are a MC2 Audio MC450 for bass duties and a QSC CSX4 for treble.

These are now the most accurate speakers I have heard in 25yrs
(luckily I can compare them to live instruments regularly) for all
music except classic orchestral works.
I got my best results with my Tannoy Ardens (1977, re-wired with copper-foil-in-oil caps to HF, vertically biamped) with a pair of Sugden Au 31s. It was then that I discovered how much they love some surplus of available amplifier power. I foolishly replaced the Sugdens with Musical Fidelity A3cr and yes, got more clarity, but missed the scale of the sound I got with the Sugdens. I can easily imagine they would sound great active biamped, as long as the crossover was done right. With a parametric you might be able to get rid of that annoying zing I hear about 5kHz, too.