Vintage tube guys

I was an SS guy till not that long ago on vintage Klipsch Lascala's. (now with Duelund VSF and CAST caps)

After hearing a Fisher x101d and it blowing the doors off my SS pre and amp that was a $10k (new) combo. I kept the SS system for a few months thinking I would have second thoughts. Bought some more Fishers (after taking out the output transformer in the x101d) 500c x101st and x202 none have sounded as good as the x101d (do not know on the x202 as it is being fixed right now) but all better then my SS.

My question is you do not hear much from say Marantz 7c Fisher 400c guys etc. Are they happy? I was in Audio la la land till the output transformer went. Amp was so quiet I could hear around instruments!

The Marantz goes for big $ is that becuase collectible or sound reasons? Not much talk about them either? Is that because how can you be excited over 50yr old gear!

I am thinking about Fisher 400c or 400CX, CX-2. Any happy owners out there?
Thanks very much Kirkus!

Kind of what I thought. I have wondered that with my 500c a tiny crack in the solder I expect. Just a slight noise above the noise floor.

I can understand the turning of the noses. Of the 5 Fishers I have all sound different if one had the worse one they might turn their nose. The best one just shocked me!

Give me a whole new appreciation of vintage.
I collect vintage have yet to find a old tube or SS amp as good as the ones built in the last 15 years or so. Owned a fischer 500c had the best tubes in it was completely rebuilt by a fischer pro sounded fine not great phone pre was lame. Cool stuff but if performance is your goal. I would look elsewhere. Still I use some vintage just for fun not because its the best choice for performance and yes the stuff I use is in working order stock or upgraded tried much. Have a marantz altec system I listen to have gear from 1895 up. Want some? Starting to pile up;)
I have a completely upgraded Scott 299B (rebuilt by Craig at NOSValves) and it sounds as good as anything I've heard, especially on horn speakers. I also have a pair of Quicksilver Horn Monos which are also awesome. I don't look at old vs. new, just what sounds good to me with the equipment I use in the room I use them with. Best of luck to you in your audio journey.
look for tad 1000k mono tubes or tad-60. paul uses 60's technology, with some sprucing up of his own creation, to give what he might say is the king of 60's hifi sound. i run my monos with the tad sig 150 pre-amp with a pair of acoustic zen adagios in my office.

work is hard to stay with, but it draws me to actually show up. all in all aw great sound. you do not have to suffer with the problems of old amps. a nice hobby if you do the work, to get thawt sixties tube hifi sound.