Vintage turntable with a modern phono stage, is it worth it?

Hello all. I am considering swapping out my 12 year old Rega RP3 for a new turntable. I am looking at a beautifully restored Thorens 125 MII with a Sorane TA-1 tone arm and I would be putting my Hana SL cart onto it. My question is, would it be worth it to upgrade my phono stage as well? Or is going vintage not really an "upgrade" in the usual sense? I currently have a Schiit Mani and feeling perhaps I should consider upgrading alongside the turntable. The rest of my system is a Leben 300xs Integrated Amp / Zu Soul 6 loudspeakers.



Cartridge and phono stage should work well with each orher make sure important feelings is compatible as well as the amount of gain

Off course : look at Thorens td  124 , Garrard. , Denon 101., (old ones off Technics)… still one of the best in the world !!

Absolutely, I have two vintage turntables, both that I’ve restored and modified, a Thorens TD 160 and an ARXA. Any turntable table can benefit from a a good pre whether new, old, modified etc. 

When it comes to phono stages, I have a history of SS designs used. 

Today I have a Valve Input/Output and a Valve Hybrid. 

More recently I have been demonstrated two SS designs, on a familiar system, and even though not home auditioned, there was enough on offer to suggest these  SS  designs are serious  contenders.

Keeping an open mind on this subject pays good dividends.