Vintage vs Modern speakers.

Most people have wrong belief that modern speaker has more clarity and details than vintage speakers
Recently I got 50 years old Altec A7 which sounds much better than my expectation.

I had kept Lansche 4.1 with plasma tweeter for 16 years which is still regarded as modern speaker.

You judge ths sound of Lansche 4.1 which go down to 20 hz and Altec A7 whcih go down to only 31.5 hz but more robust bass from the following Youtube videos.
Surpising thing is that Altec A7 give as much as details as Lansche 4.1 with plasma tweeter.

Loving you was like party

Way down deep

A touch of sonic madness

The Gate of Dafos

Which do you like better between Vintage(1) and Modern (2) judging from the Youtube videos?


Main tower of Scaena is easy to drive even with low power tube amp since it is very efficient at 93db/w.


But two 18 inch subwoofers need lot of power.


I use Crown XLS 2502




How about this one using Line Magnetic 508 instead of Cayin 300b pp amp to drive main tower.

Consider an a5 or a better horn a7 are great for what they are but entry-level as far as overall performance.

Scaena 3.2 has 12 4 inch midrange drivers which work like full range without any passive crossvoer.

9 ribbon drivers are added with simple capacitor (6k hz cutoff).

They use active crossover at 120 hz. Thus two 18 inch subwoofers covers bass while mail tower covers frequency abover.

I had used two Scaena 18 inch subwoofers to augment subbass of Lansche 4.1 or Altec A7 for 30 months before assemvly of main tower last week.

My impression of two 18 inch subwoofers is positive with fast and tight bass with deep extension.

But somehow, two 18 inch subwoofers doesn not sound very weighty compared with Altec A7 bass horn.

Altec A7 bass horn give authoritiva bass although it starts tapering off at 50 hz and no signal below 30 hz.

When I added two 18 inch subwoofers to Altec A7 at 56hz using crossover of Crwon XLS 2502, they worked very nice.

Thus I had connected main tower of Scaena 3.2 above 500hz to see what happen.

They worked pretty nice as witnessed by Erik (Solypsa).

It may sound crazy to mix and match 60 years old vintage driver with modern speaker.




I had also tried 290 hz using Pap C1 active crossover.

it also work very nice.

Scaena 3.2 is one of the best speaker available in giving widest and deepes soundstage but also with clean mid range and treble using multiple drivers.

With slim line source, soundstage extend beyond my window.

Also I can easily pinpoint different instruments back and forth.

I will be out of town for three weeks to spend time with my 30 months old grandchild.

I will report more on August.



This shows the strength of hybrid Scaena and Altec A7.

The soundstage is wide and deep, almost mesmerizing.

Using Altec A7 basshorn bass sounds powerful with jump effect.