Vintage vs New

My children growing older and leaving home has allowed me to get back into our common interest. I find myself wanting a new pair of speakers and I’m torn between some vintage models that interested me in easier times, but were not obtainable due to budgetary limitations, and current models with their state of the art drivers.  Case in point: B&W 801 Matrix Anniversary vs. anything in the 702/703.
I would like to hear people’s thoughts.  
Funny back in the 70s my 901s were killer.JBL 100s still go for crazy prices.Carver Amps,Rotel,Macintosh still hold there own.Everything has a place .Sure new speakers .But back then you could get top of the line for hundreds not thousands. 
@mijostyn states: 'you aught to know by now I don't pull punches'   It seems you don't pull your toilet chain either!

Get a plumber to fit a new one and try and keep it clean. Basic hygiene?
I love vintage speakers.  Problem is there are many things that can age in a speaker.  I worked for AR (Acoustic Research) in the mid 1970's.  I bought some 10pi speakers in 1980.  I pulled them out a few years back and brought them back to near new shape.  That cost around $500.00, more than I paid for the speakers.

They still sound great, still eat lots of power.  I gave them to a friend of mine to start building his system.

Another thing - Used speakers on eBay can be a great deal, for what they are.
Vintage has inherent issues with things wearing out. Electrolytic Filter caps for example do not last forever and need to be replaced. Contacts, relays, potentiometers, Lpads all oxidize over time and can cause problems. Some woofer surrounds deteriorate and have to be replaced. Unless you are willing to address ALL such issues rather that employing  a piecemeal approach, vintage is not going to work out in the long run in my opinion.
I thought that with millercarbon shilling for Tekton that we finally caught a break from his constant promoting of Synergistic Research.  I guess I was wrong...

" Maybe someone so sure there was great wire back then can name me the 1970's era power cord they would put up against a circa 1990's Synergistic Research Master Coupler? This should be good..."