Vintage worth the time to explore?

I’m relatively new to this world (very fast learner) and would love to know your thoughts:

I have a pair of Elac Debut 6.2 and Klipsch KG3s….I drive them both with a Marantz PM6005 and have been relatively happy but sound really loses its warmth and color unless played LOUD. With 3 kids under 5 I’m looking for an amp to help provide warm, full sound at lower dBs.

I’ve been super curious about exploring other amp options and wanted to explore the vintage route (Marantz 2230, Sansui AU 717, Pioneer SA-8500)… but after seeing prices between 800-2k for 50 year old gear, I’m apprehensive.

Am I just lured by the idea of vintage?


Absolutely!! My Continental Edison PA 9109 only outputs 25W. So potential buyers are totally turned off and the prices dip. Prices double or triple when you hit 50W. 

My 25W amp is more than powerful enough to blow up my bookshelf speakers. And I get more bass compared to my 10W Tripath mini amp. 

Used gear less than 5 -8 years old is a great way to go for pre’s, amp, speakers Vintage gear is a whole different ballgame - vintage anything is a verb, not a noun. Lots of work involved. Better for folks with lots of experience owning & listening Have fun!

@re-lar-kvothe  I used to own the 77 and the 80 and I agree that they are outstanding.  I only sold both about 3 years ago.  They were all original.  I had them checked out and all of the internals were measuring perfectly and nothing needed to be replaced or refurbished.  I loved those amps, but I was an idiot and was searching for God knows what.  I ended up trying tons of equipment, most of which sounded great.  Pass and Coincident were my favorites.  My uncle used to own an STR-GX10ES and I loved that receiver.  I recently found one in beautiful condition which I picked up for a song.  I had it checked out and everything is still operating within spec.  The tech that worked on it said that he rarely sees these with any sort of issue.  Anyway, I am in the process of selling off the rest of my "audiophile" gear.  The STR-GX10ES is staying.