Vinyl Cleaning: Device to keep label dry?

I have some rough vinyl that will require more than a damp brush to resurrect. I will need to immerse the platters in soapy water. I thought I saw somewhere some kind of device that clamps onto the record, encircling the label and sealing it from water damage. Maybe it had a silicone gasket type material where it holds onto the record.

Anyone know what I saw, or was it another weird dream?

Gradys - I never tried a typical RCM w/ fluids. My process consists of cleaning one side at a time using Disc Doctor Cleaner applied/scrubbed gently with record cleaning brush; wiped clean with micro fiber towel #1, then steamed with Perfection Steamer (using mineral free pure water), then dried with separate micro fiber towel #2. Then air dry in dish rack. Great results, but only do a few records at a time. I rationalize the work with "I only have to do it once".
I've never had a problem with the majority of lables out there. I don't think it would be too hard to fabricate something from a home store tho meet your needs.
Thank you folks. People here are ALWAYS so helpful.
Gradys - just curious, any particular type of micro fiber towel? Are they all lint free?
Craig_c, I think that question was for me. I get my micro fiber towels at Pep Boys ... same place as I get the Peak purified, mineral free water. The towels come in bags and are used to clean auto glass. There's a long "Steam Cleaning" records thread in the Analog section. That's where I got all my information. Good luck, and happy listening.