Vinyl from Barnes & Noble

 Last week I used a Christmas gift card to purchase an LP there. 180 gm , pressed at RTI, new 25th anniversary  remaster.... The album was wrapped in a baggy crinkly plastic. Inside that was the typical vinyl sleeve, which was not sealed. When I took the LP out I was amazed.... Filthy, covered in fingerprints with 2 very prominent scratches covering one entire side.. This was obviously not virgin vinyl. B & N of course returned it. The associate told me " you wouldn't believe  how often this happens ." ???!!!   I asked if it was company policy to repackage used items and sell them as new. He didn't answer that, instead merely insisting that this is a common occurrence. WTF!   Any one care to comment/ have similar experience?

@schubert Surely you have heard of cases where celebrities have successfully sued news corporations for defamation and won.  Are you sure your statement is true?

I hope you all realize that the "new" records you buy from Barnes and Noble are, for the most part, from digital sources.  New recordings are all done digitally, and old ones are from masters that have have been digitally stored due to deterioration of the originals.  In these cases, the "analog" sound so lovingly referred to is a lie put out there by corporations trying to make a buck on the "vinyl revival".
  This has nothing to do with analog vs digital for gods sake. Its about being sold a used item that is presumed and marketed as new.

I think you're lucky just to have a Barnes and Nobles around .. bookshops are an endangered species now...