Vinyl guy seeking recommendation for a top level cd player

I know cds are dead.  Best time to buy a cd player, the way it looks.  I want an all in one box.  I don't stream so a separate DAC is not required.  Most of my cd collection have been ripped to a PC as Flac files and then down loaded to a Sony HAP-Z1ES.  Currently about 3000 Redbook and perhaps 100 SACDs.  The way cds are being dumped I figure on becoming a buyer again so these numbers will go up.  I have looked at Marantz SA10, Esoteric K1 (lightly used), and Luxman D-10X, so far.  It would be good if the sound could approach vinyl.  The Z1 does up to a point.  Listening this morning to the same recordings, the Z1 compares to a high end MM cartridge, but not to a SoundSmith Experion.  Maybe I am asking too much, but in any event a new cd player is being sought.  Thanks in advance for any advice.
K01 is 10 years old. Thats like 4 generations ago. Sounds NOTHING like a current NON Dac Chip Esoteric. SA-10 was a Slight Upgrade from the Pearl K-1 which can be had for a little over 1K now.  I had em all.
The advice you get on this site can be invaluable when making a purchase like you just did. Congrats on your choice of the Luxman D-10X Looking forward to hearing how it sounds in your system.

Hey Bill - I only have experience with the Maratnz SA-10 - and that was only a demo at my local shop - so I'm not an expert. But I found it to have a warmer, sort of softer sound to it over other CD/ DACs I listened to. It's not quite as edgy when the mix is poor or the singer is off. But it has a very comfortable, relaxed sound to it. It's super easy to enjoy. 

Since you're the one who ultimately has to live with it though, I'd suggest seeing if your local dealer will allow you to evaluate a few players for a week or so at a time. My local guy here has allowed me to do that and it's been fantastic because I can hear what it sounds like in my system, in my room. No review, or blog, post, etc, can match that experience imo. 

You might also want to consider the Marantz SACD 30n - it's less than half the price, and that has had fantastic reviews. (Some who compare it to the 10) And, I am familiar with What HiFi - they do a lot of technical items, and they review audio components from very inexpensive to 10k or so. So, I'd "trust" a more audio only publication like Stereophile a little more, but I have found What HiFi to be pretty spot on with their reviews too. 

I hope that this helps you out and wish you the best finding what component you like most! 
I am just in the middle of the same effort.  I came across a brand that I had not heard before … Ayon (from Austria).  I am home demoing the CD35 and CD10.  Tube output, PCM to Digital conversion, upsampling, slow roll of filter.  I am very impressed.  They are not uber detailed (a plus for me as too much gets in the way) but detailed enough for my taste, very musical and involving, great bass.  Have a listen if you can find them.
Thanks again to one and all.  I will report back once I take possession of the D10X and get some time with it.  In the end I think it came down to a choice between the Ken Ishiwata (Marantz) voicing, which tends toward lush mids and highs and more forward, versus the Luxman more analytical and more distant perpective.  The Esoteric that was on offer was older, used, and I was afraid of it for that reason.  Other suggested brands in this discussion were not available to me.  I do have the right of return if necessary, but that is unlikely.