Vinyl in St. Louis area

Hello all will be in St Louis in mid May, will be looking for Vinyl in between Cardinal games.
My favorite place is The Record Exchange. Quirky, crowded, full of esoterica as well as great finds. There are many boxes of unopened records just waiting to be found. There are so many the folks don't have time to sort through them all.

Have fun!
Another good stop is Vintage Vinyl at 6610 Delmar in University City (a older St. Louis suburb about 7 or 8 miles west of downtown.)
Thanks for a good list of Vinyl shops. They should keep us busy looking for a few gems.
cd reunion ( formerly record reunion ) on the North side of the city. 20 min from the stadium.
Just wanted to say i picked up some great vinyl at Vintage, Euclid and The Record Exchange. I wish we had super vinyl shops like those in St. Louis in my area. It sure beats E-Bay. Many thanks.
I scored again big the other day. Occasionally I get a record that looks clean, but is noisy and I can't clean up. Last time I was 6 for 6! Just curious, what did you find?
As others have said, Euclid Records, in Webster Groves, just outside of St. Louis City, is probably worth a try. I'm a digital guy, but they have a lot of records, the staff there is well informed, and the selection interesting.

Webster Groves an appealing little community, btw -- nice outing.

Tgrisham i have not cleaned the 32 lps yet. It was pleasing to notice the condition of them being in very good shape by sight though. Will post my findings on how they play and the score of good to bad asap.
32 LPs! How much fun! If you are like me it will take awhile to clean them and listen to each one. It's like opening a present 32 times!