Vinyl in the News

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Credit cards may soon be as outdated as vinyl records. (Remember those?) And this is the year that the slow, steady march to oblivion begins.

You can already use your iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry to buy a hotdog at the ballgame, buy your Starbucks latté, or give a friend a few bucks by Bumping phones. But by the end of the year you may not even think twice about reaching for your phone to pay at the register instead of fumbling for your credit card.

"Your plastic card hasn't changed since the age of the vinyl records," said Michael Abbott, CEO of Isis, a new mobile payment network. "This is the chance to bring payments forward from the plastic age and the vinyl records age to the digital age."

So "Perfect Money Forever" or "Due to Jitter your payment is Fuzzy"

Bottom line is that I'll still be using full resolution 180 gr gatefold credit cards 30 years from now and the kids will be paying for things with low res compressed money that they download from sketchy web sites.
What a crock of crap. There's an APP for this and one for that ......... I'm sure a lot of those people buying via their phone also enrich the likes of Digital Downloads of the Black Eyed Peas . !@#$&^**&^
Be careful my fellow audiogoons - we need the telecom industry to drive value in the economy, to drive value in the stockmarket, to drive value to we can buy more cables and components...
Cash = 8 Track

Gold = Actual live music

Given the run up in both gold prices and ticket prices, I may be going back to 8-track.

I'm actually trying to use more cash in my life as the time it takes to use a card now is silly, on par with how paper checks were.

"Sir, do you want cash yes...donate to charity..enter amount and enter you accept the enter"

I just want my gum.

My favorite was early on when it was clear the Iphone was actually horrible at making actual calls people were taking their regular phone and then just gluing an Ipod shuffle to the back.

I'm just going to glue a money clip to the back on my phone and have cash there for 'phone' payments.
I could've sworn I heard some jitter off my vinyl last night! I dont think it was from the JDaniels,either -Has anyone had this problem? Also 180g albums dont seem to help at all...