Vinyl lovers I must be crazy

I have been in the hobby for about 40 years and it seems that I enjoyed my simple system back in the 70's more than my high end system of today. My old system consisted of a receiver (sherwood, marantz) a basic turntable (later upgraded ro a B&O) and various speakers. My current system the cables cost 5 times the entire 70's system and the rest of the gear is top notch. I am not saying the 1970's system was better but I think I enjoyed it much better than today's system. The 70's system was a all vinyl system and my current system I strictly listen to Cd's. Is that the problem listening to CD's? For you vinyl lovers what do you think? For those that made the switch back to playing records are you listening more now? Enjoying your system more? What type of vinyl dollar outlay did it cost to reach vinyl nirvana?

Any feedback would be appreicated. Thanks!
I have found that a typical problem is that as you spend more money on a system you tend to listen to the system more than music. How is the bass, the dynamics, the resolution etc. instead of what is mozart trying to say in that piece. I don't think it is a cd vs vinyl thing because I can enjoy both.
for an experiment, you could probably replicate your old system (for the cost of a 'cheap' interconnect...), buy a few albums, and see the difference between your recollection of it and the reality. it'd probably be better than you expect for that kind of $... but not as good as you remember it being.
for me the differences between CD and Vinyl primarily lie in sound quality and dynamic range. even with my system(s) comprised of high end gear of mixed vintage, the differences are stark.
i found that most of my commercially recorded CDs sound horrible. beyond that, most modern recordings have little or no dynamic range which becomes tedious pretty quickly.

i will say that i rarely put on a record without sitting down to listen, tho i will pop a CD on and move about the house, doing various things, or take CDs along in the car to listen. so there is a big difference in HOW i listen to either medium. i have two systems, one up in the living room (no TT) where i don't always sit and listen, and the other in the basement, where i almost always sit and listen.
Buy some used vinyl gear on A'gon that you could turn around and sell if necessary, buy some new vinyl, and see if you find the magic again.

I did. Very light now on digital.

First thing I bought that changed my thinking was a Clearaudio Performance table, and a simple Sumiko Blackbird cartridge.

It was magic.