Vinyl - One Word - WOW!!

Just demo the Project debut carbon evo.  I am amazed! The music sounds alive!

Makes me not want to by CD's 


I wish I’d saved the image used by the Revolver TT advertisements - shooting the cartridge off the arm like a bullet and smashing a CD - that they used in the 1980’s. It would be useful at times.

Vinyl playback doesn’t have to be dreadfully expensive (of course, it can be, and that depends on how much you sink into diminishing returns).

Step 1: You can get good sound with a relatively cheap table and MM pickup, as long as you clean your records.

Step 2: To equal CD sound, simply clean your records as best you can. A machine is needed, but need not be crazy expensive. You are considering an MC pickup and a new phono stage.

Step 3: To blow CD out of the water, you are spending big bucks on a good table and arm, and an expensive cartridge that will last, maybe, a thousand hours before rebuild. You are now using an ultrasonic cleaner after the vacuum RCM you have already purchased.

Step 4: Discogs is now the most frequent entry in your browser history. You know the different types of detergent and enzymatic cleaners available for your record cleaning machines and you have your own recipes and protocols for getting the best from them. You have multiple turntables sporting multiple tonearms. You have a choice of anti-static devices for your discs, and an ultrasonic stylus cleaner. Two USB microscopes for checking stylus status and rake angle. The price of your phono stage is a state secret. You sit slack-jawed and happy all day listening to music, looking like a wino who found a $50 note.

Step 5: I haven’t got there yet, and may lose the ability to type if I warned.

An analogy for this topic is:

Analog = pencil never leaves the paper when drawing an analog

sound wave

Digital = the pencil leaving the paper thousands of times

to draw a sound wave
hence a digital  sound wave is  a sample of an analog sound wave

system dependent

good luck Willy-T

Both sound fantastic with the right setup. A clean vinyl recording with the joy of handling the physical media vs the convenience of having an endless supply of music? Why not do both as best you can within your budget! If I had an unlimited budget, I would pick vinyl. If I had a limited budget, I would stream. If I could do both, I would. Overly simplified, yes! However, you're statement which has evolved into the usual chase down the rabbit hole has no right or wrong answer and never will. If all I could have is an am-fm tuner with a coat hangar antennae playing music through 30 year old speakers from Radio Shack, then that is usually infinitely better than listening to music through the speakers on my phone. However, sometimes it is not as well. 

Couldn't agree more with the fact that master tape to vinyl recordings are the next best thing to being there live! I've got hundreds of good vintage pressings from the 60s & 70s in my collection and a few from the 50s & early 80s. The newer pressings engineered from the original master tapes aren't too shabby either! For those of you vinyl lovers who may find yourselves in the area, for whatever reason(s), I would encourage you to drop into a vintage (and new vinyl) store I happened upon over the holidays called:  "Purchase Street Records". It used to  be located in New Bedford, MA but has since relocated to Pope's Island in Fairhaven, MA. Great Store!  Great people! They've got a website. Check 'em out!