vinyl-only setups

I'm wondering about the type of setups that some of you might be using in a vinyl-only situation?

I originally intended for my vinyl setup to be a headphones-only affair, but it has since taken on a life of it's own. Now I rarely listen to cd's on the system that was the "main" setup in my living room.

I've been successful at running a Musical Fidelity X-LPSv3 directly into a Sony N55ES power amp that has it's own attenuator. I'd like to upgrade these pieces, but would like to keep the setup simple. I like the idea of having a phono-pre directly driving a power amp. I doubt that I would use need of the inputs available on a line stage/preamp/integrated.
Would the EAR 834P w/volume control have enough output to drive a power amp properly? I guess that it would depend upon the input sensitivity of the amp. My X-LPS will drive my Sony power amp, but probably not as well as a true preamplifier.
I don't know the specs, but I drove many amplifiers using the EAR as a stand-alone unit, once I rolled the right tubes in it sounded very dynamic and exciting. Would very likely be a considerable step up over the X-LPS too, it's dead quiet and does MM/MC.
Johnnantais -

I strongly considered looking at the EAR, but I'm not sure that my current power amp would do it justice. At the moment, I'm looking at a tube-integrated as being the simplest (cost effective) solution.

When I do decide to upgrade the Phono-Pre, the EAR will definitely be on my short list.

Thanks to all that posted or e-mailed replies :)
The manley stealhead has 2 MC inputs, 1 MC input & a line level input. Volume control or fixed output. It will work great for you and it sounds great when used alone as phono and preamp. If I were doing TT only I would have purchased it. I need pass through for my setup and felt the Nagra VPS sounded better in my system.