Vinyl Only

What Songs Will You Get Up and Lift Your Tonearm because you can't stand to sit thru it ? 

The Beatles White Album " Revolution Number 9"

C.T.A. ( Chicago )  " Free Form Guitar "

The Grateful Dead. " What's Become Of The Baby "



The Lou Reed album is "Metal Machine Music". It's abstract electronic music.

I like "Purple Haze" and the second side of Sgt. Pepper. "Life in the Fast Lane" and "Wish You Were Here" and "Angie" and "Stairway to Heaven" don't bother me, though I wouldn't seek any of them out.

Pink Floyd, Mettle -- Seamus -- S1-T5. Have no idea why, but that dog howling (Seamus?) makes it unlistenable. Luckily it's the last track on S1, so an easy skip.


Interesting that Tracks 40-50 years old are a cause of irritation.

I bought a Album in the past few months, where the Pianist who is very talented, seemed to have a need to add words, and proved through doing so there song writing is very needy.

All songs were One Word only blended into the music, or one phrase used commonly in everyday talk. 'Brush Your Teeth'  😁on repeat.

Such a sabotage has taken away the want to listen to the younger musicians exceptional piano playing that is on offer.

Magical Mystery Tour - Flying and Blue Jay Way - luckily they are consecutive so I only have to lift the arm once.

Pat Metheny Group -Barcarole on Offramp which is otherwise an exceptional album Lucky there also since it is the first track.

Too many to mention on Springsteen's The River. It should have been a single record album and then would have been up there with his first four.

Steely Dan - Everything Must Go - last track on side one - Slang of Ages (Walter ( RIP) sings. Only song I ever skip on any of their or Fagen's 13 records I skip.