Vinyl or wait for the new stuff??

I was wondering whether to dive into the world of Vinyl or wait for the new format to settle. You see, I have not listened to vinyl for more than 20 years now. I have all rated A equipment and cables and good collection of Audiophile and not so Audiophile CD. Recently I have been thinking of taking a dive into the world of Vinyl. However, knowing myself, I will not be satisfied unless I get some highend stuff which will cost me some serious amount of money. Not to mention that I have to start my collection of software. So my question here for you guys who want to help. Shall I make the move or just wait for the SACD/DVDA ? your input would be much appreciated.
I have what I consider to be a very good digital front end. Sony DVP-NC555ES into a Genesis Digital Lens into a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC. I just bought my first TT last week. A Music Hall MMF-5. I have to admit, even with a cheapie audio technica cart (I got the table used) I am having loads of fun. Already have approximately 300 records. Tons of stuff I have never heard before and ohh what fun it is to browse :)

I wouldn't give up my digital for the world but the TT bug has definately bit. Looking at a cart and other accessories already.

Good luck and have fun
I'd wait for the new stuff. That way you won't have to wade through tens of thousands of analog titles trying to decide what to buy for music. You simply purchase the few titles offered in the new format, everybody needs another copy of Kinda Blue and Diana Krall on whatever the new format will be.
Besides, another cool thing about all the new digital stuff is the players don't last long so you can upgrade as much as you want. Those pesky TTs tend to last for decades.
Definately go Vinyl! - If you wait for the new stuff you'll be waiting a long time. There is nothing on the horizon that can match vinyl. SACD may be better than CD but Vinyl is better. I won't even argue about it with anyone. SACD, DVD-A both have that CD edge which makes it sound mechanical. Something will sound better than records one day IMHO, but we're talking about years. DVD-A and SACD still haven't really taken hold yet, and they've both been around for years now. CD (redbook) still sounds excellent. I have vinyl (best sound) and redbook CD player (biggest selection of recordings) why would I want something in the middle (SACD & DVD-A)?
In simple science, you hear in analog. The instruments emit a wavelength that is analog, people speaking and singing are first detected in an analog waveform. The concept that the LARGER the storage medium, the more information is stored, the more spacious and deeper the soundstage is true. and lastly, getting off the couch every 20 minutes is good aerobics.
I dumped SACD more than two years ago, probably three. I went back to CD and vinyl. I went through a complete tear down a year ago and now am back in SACD(EMM Labs) and Vinyl (SME30). I don't think it will get much better than this for a while. I hope to be alive when the time comes.