Vinyl or wait for the new stuff??

I was wondering whether to dive into the world of Vinyl or wait for the new format to settle. You see, I have not listened to vinyl for more than 20 years now. I have all rated A equipment and cables and good collection of Audiophile and not so Audiophile CD. Recently I have been thinking of taking a dive into the world of Vinyl. However, knowing myself, I will not be satisfied unless I get some highend stuff which will cost me some serious amount of money. Not to mention that I have to start my collection of software. So my question here for you guys who want to help. Shall I make the move or just wait for the SACD/DVDA ? your input would be much appreciated.
Couldn't resist the resurrection of this vintage thread. Let's get past splitting hairs: Both digital and vinyl can be made to sound very satisfying. However, digital is and always will be a convenience format. If you want to easily access your music and don't like to fiddle with gear, go digital. If you enjoy a tactile experience with your software and playback gear, go with vinyl. I fall into the second camp. I have two lower-side of hi-end CD players (each was $1400 new) that satisfy me totally when I need to pop something in and do something that may demand my attention, like when I'm entertaining or drawing. However, when I want to LISTEN, I enjoy the enforced focus that vinyl provides. There is nothing more deliberate than sliding a 40-year-old slab of vinyl out of its beautiful jacket and dropping a needle whose pressure and position you set up onto it-- This act even focuses the attention of others whom you are introducing to the music.
Another 7 year thread. I love it! Keep em coming!

Ever heard of the 7 year itch? The only cure is the 7 year scratch.

You can only scratch with records. The thread lasted long enough to answer itself.