Vinyl record storage in Harvey's office, Suits TV show

Does anyone know what the make of record storage furniture shown on the TV show "Suits", in Harvey's office is? Maybe just made for the show, but If it's commercially available I'd love to know.



The fictional Harvey probably has speakers built into the walls or on them. I’m in the middle years of the show but I think he did play music once or twice, jazz.

Hey, I don’t think it is anything special being that the turntable is not very expensive. Even the cartridge is a MM Ortofon Red. That’s a $99 cartridge. The speakers are basic Klipsch speakers that changed to Wharfdale. I just can’t imagine playing those nice records on a conical stylus. I did hear some records played on the show but most likely it was a digital copy that was inserted. Not a digital record. It is a good question about what model is the record rack? Most likely it was made for the show.