Vinyl Records - Shipping, max/min temperatures


I will be shipping my entire vinyl record collection soon, and am researching shipping methods.  It's too much for me to load them in my car or even my pickup truck.  The move will be cross country, about 2500 miles.

We all know that if vinyl is exposed to temperatures too high, they will likely warp.  I am thinking that this being January, excessively high temperatures are not likely to be encountered during shipping.   But what about low temperatures?  What would be the safest minimum temperature the vinyl could be exposed to without damage?


It has more to do with how they are packed. Uhaul has perfect size boxes for them. Pack vinyl upright and leaving zero gap but not overly tight. 

I would consider strapping them to a pallet, surround them with heavy duty clear plastic wrap and ship them freight. Cold weather should not be a problem, however hot weather might be.


We’re talking about a few days of transit here not 10 years of storage. I cannot imagine anything under controlled conditions across the US is going to cause a problem….like people said retailers ship every day. I understand the concern, but you’re way overthinking this  

Not something I even thought about when we moved and had the records stored by the moving company for 2 weeks.  Records were fine.  Just pack them well.