Vinyl static ionizers who's used them?

There are 2 that I know of the DS Audio ION-001 Vinyl ionizer or the CS Port Static Eliminator IME1. Are they worth the asking price? 


Destat III works well for me too.  Wouldn't be without mine.  I am speculating that if more static is building up in just minutes that something might be done to improve grounding.

i own three turntables, and own -2- CS Port IME1’s and a single DS Audio ion-001.

so one for each turntable.

the advantages of the stand mounted version is continuous emitting of negative ions to reduce static and lower noise. and you turn them on and they are passive. just play records.

the only challenge is finding a spot on your plinth or rack to set them in proper proximity so you get full effectiveness. which is why i own 2 different types.

hand held products such as the Destat III provide temporary improvement, less than a full side (5 to 10 minutes). and require a pre-treatment process for every side you play. that will get old quickly. i have three or four older versions of the Destat III in my tweak drawer gathering dust. then it’s a door stop, effectively.

cheap tweaks you never use are expensive.

better tweaks you really use and make the music sound better every time are priceless.

Poor man's CS Port IME-1/DS Audio Ion-001?

As the article states, this product will be introduced next week at a coffee makers show in Oregon. To sell for $150.  Since vinyl is said to accumulate electrons and thus to develop a negative charge on the surface of an LP, I wonder why the DS Audio is designed to secrete both positive and negative ions.  Seems you could get by with only positive ions (to neutralize negative charge on the LP).  My brief attempt to research the subject of ion generators suggests that positive ion generators also make negative ions, en passant.  And there are very few such products on the commercial market.  Whereas one can buy negative ion generators by the boatload and for low to high dollars. for room air cleanup.

If I were to purchase the item described above, I would point the positive ion emitting end at the LP surface during play.  The design would seem to permit that.


Anyone heard of using, or uses, a Plasma lighter? An acquaintance uses one and likes it.

He said: " I just ordered a $10 plasma lighter off Amazon for static control, apparently it works as well as / better than a Furutech DeStat / Milty Zerostat for pennies on the dollar + way cooler to use"

Another vote for Destat III. I will use an anti static brush after using the Destat. The Destat removes the static that causes dust to adhere to the vinyl.   I’ve noticed that there is almost no buildup of dust particles on the cartridge surface since using this method. Also greatly reduces the pops when playing whether they were caused by static or particles on the vinyl. For me it’s been a win win.