Vinyl static ionizers who's used them?

There are 2 that I know of the DS Audio ION-001 Vinyl ionizer or the CS Port Static Eliminator IME1. Are they worth the asking price? 


Anyone heard of using, or uses, a Plasma lighter? An acquaintance uses one and likes it.

He said: " I just ordered a $10 plasma lighter off Amazon for static control, apparently it works as well as / better than a Furutech DeStat / Milty Zerostat for pennies on the dollar + way cooler to use"

Another vote for Destat III. I will use an anti static brush after using the Destat. The Destat removes the static that causes dust to adhere to the vinyl.   I’ve noticed that there is almost no buildup of dust particles on the cartridge surface since using this method. Also greatly reduces the pops when playing whether they were caused by static or particles on the vinyl. For me it’s been a win win. 

I’ve been interested in finding an inexpensive answer for the static issue with records.  I have an original Discwasher desist gun which a slow process and a hassle.  I was looking at these ionizing fans that are used for electronics.  “Ionizing Air Blower Fan Ion Anti-Static Elimination Ionizer”.  They’re cheap and I’m sure noisy but I was thinking of mounting it next to where I open the records and only turn it on while unsleeving the record.   Then hold the album under the destatic fan for a few seconds before putting it on the turntable.  Then turn it on again when putting the album away.  I do also use an anti static record cleaning turntable arm while playing the record which should keep static down while playing.  I thought of putting the anti static fan near the turntable to blow on the record but it’s not quite enough to use while playing music.  Or maybe that is a better spot to only use the fan while putting the record on then letting the ionizing fan run for a few seconds before starting to play the record.  If the Acaia Ion Beam would shoot the field out far enough that isn’t a bad investment to put right next to your turntable.  Then again I wonder how much noise it emits?

In that device, what keeps the positive and negative ions in the air flow from combining with each other before excess charge of either polarity that may reside on the target can be neutralized?