Vinyl Stereo setup: Paradigm Mini Montor v2. old speakers ?

I am setting up  a small Turntable system for a friend, 
Onkyo Receiver
Technics TT

I have a pair of 25 year old Paradigm Mini Monitor v2, been in closet for 20 years.. 
perfect condition.

Has the technology changed such that a  small mid-priced bookshelf speaker will blow these of of the water?

She is musician, and listens to lots of acoustic symphonic genre.


Given the rest of the system those speakers sound like a good match. You will get a lot of answers to the question have speakers gotten better through technology, my answer is not always.

Vinyl players are aesthetically pleasing audio players that are popular among those with vintage musical taste. Vinyl is known for its warm sound quality and excellent sound delivery. The vinyl LPs are vintage and one-of-a-kind. You can look for the best speakers for vinyl under 200.

Given she’s using an Onkyo receiver your speakers will likely be fine.  But yes, speakers have come a long way in 25 years so if/when she wants to upgrade she should upgrade to a better stereo integrated amp, a separate phono preamp, and better speakers and she’ll be at a whole other level of enjoyment and involvement.  But this system should be fine to get her up and running and enjoying vinyl and she can just go from there if she wants, or maybe not. 

Get those speakers out of the closet and and let her give them a workout.  Probably a good fit for the other components she has. 

What TT is it? How is the cartridge?