He's a dope.....I have some LP's that sound fabulous.  And some that sound like absolute crap....  Same goes for CDs.  I don't stream anything.  If you have a great 'system', it will reveal the how badly a recording was made and mastered, in either format.
My first thoughts about a thread that starts Vinyl Sucks is ignore it until I clicked on the website and realized that it was that pasty face gen x er, whatever, that for some reason has to give his 2 useless cents on a subject he thinks he knows better and his insights will add to the discussion.  Yes I've seen this video b4 and I think that he likes to hear himself talk.  So rather than waste time about what he thinks(the provenance of who owned his Ray Charles disc before him?) , I'll just ad that who gives a s--t what he thinks and like chorus 361 box his ears.  Then punch him in the face
Great video.  I like going into Goodwill and buying for 25 cents a record that my parents would have owned.  Terrible music much of the time but kinda fun.  
Vinyl is far from perfect when compared to R2R and Digital. I have yet to hear a pressing that is completely devoid of surface noise, pops, glitch and ticks. IME, Vinyl is a constant reminder that you are listening to a inferior audio format...all in the name of nostalgia and tactile experience. If that’s what floats your boat then by all means, enjoy spinning vinyl. Both Vinyl and Digital has its trade-offs....it’s time to rest the pointless debate of vinyl over-rated superiority over digital.

For me, R2R remains the reigning king of all audio formats.
Totally agree that the debate is silly. I've recently upgraded both my digital/headphone system and my speaker/turntable/phono stage system. They both sound awesome. Quality is quality. Good gear will sound better than not-as-good gear, no matter what the format.