Vinyl vs. CD

Hey out there,I've been listening to a high quality CD playback system for the past couple years and have recently become interested in going to turntable rig.(I still have an LP collection).I have a quality tube pre with phono and decided to buy an inexpensive turntable to spin some of my old favorites (Rega 2 with grado silver) I had no pre-conceived notion of what would sound better,I just remember the enjoyment I got from playing Hendrix, Rolling Stones ect.on an a good ole' record player.After listening to the Rega for a few days I switched back to CD's (Meridian 500 trans 566/24 dac)and found that the remastered CD issues of the same LP's sounded alot better.Must I drop several K's to experience "Vinyl Dreams" ?
Doug; I did consider the mis-match possibility and discussed it with a pretty knowledgeable Audio Advisor Rep. The TT came with the Goldring cartridge ($175.)installed and adjusted, but my vinyl junkie friend also checked it for me. I also got the Musical Fidelity X-LPS phono pre-amp from AA at the same time, as they recommended it highly with the MMF-5 and Goldring. The only control on it was a switch for MM/MC cartridges, which I made sure was set correctly. I can identify with Joe_b above. After this experiment, I decided to get rid of my modest LP collection (300-350). I called around some, and nobody wanted them. A local music store offered me 25 to 75 cents each for the ones he thought could sell, and he told me that they "buy LPs reluctantly and sell them gladly". I said to hell with that and gave the whole works to a local charity-- except for six that I kept for the cover art. I only did this because M. Fremer, of Stereophile,(he's the analog guru isn't he?) confidently stated that the MMF-5 TT would make a vinyl lover out of the most hard core digiphile. And I don't even consider myself anti-vinyl-- never have. But, I certainly do disagree with M.Fremers conclusion re: the MMF-5. P.S. If any audiogon member wants a once played MFSL LP of Bob Seger's "Against The Wind", cover and vinyl are mint, for $20. + about $3. shp., email me (I bought it sealed on ebay for $30.). Enough Already. Cheers. Craig.
Hi,here is my experience. I made all kind of comparison between my Forsell turntable with Transfiguration cartridge and Forsell transport+DAC and analog was ways better.
Both formats have their weaknesses. It boils down to what deficiencies bug you more and how much it costs to fix it! A great digital set-up gives you a quiet background, no pops or crackles, and CONVENIENCE. Digital lacks in its "naturalness" (but is getting closer all the time), having varying degrees of glare or hash. Analogue, specifically LP's, give you "music" but you have to train yourself (comes easier to some people) to ingnore or filter out the defects in the vinyl. I have yet to EVER hear an LP that didn't have some defect during playback (some more than others) and I've heard great set-ups. Nothing spoils a song like a pop or a crackle IMHO but it seems not to bother others anywhere near as much as myself. So it's personal preference. I have a digital system mostly because I had a lot more CD's when I got in to all this and the software has guided my system building. I would never begrudge anyone who has not gotten rid of their 100's of records to go digital. Likewise, for those who have vast CD collections. One reason I couldn't wait to get my first CD player was so that I didn't have to get up to hear the second side AND because I didn't want to clean my vinyl, needle, etc. after almost every listening session. Listening to one or two songs before having to get up and do work is not my idea of relaxation. But to each their own so long as they get enjoyment out of it. As far as this analogue being "reality" argument, I don't think it's valid. What we're really talking about is the medium in which something is RECORDED. Yes, digital is 1 and 0's but is converted to analogue so that the listener can HEAR something - like the mechanical energy of our speakers. Analogue, too is a signal that must be "converted", passed and amplified. The secret in both systems is to have the BEST signal you can. ENJOY! Tony