Vinyl woes / cartridge upgrade

There are many threads about dealing with the usual clicks and pops.  I have been reading them everywhere since starting into vinyl about a year ago (the most recent post by jay73 being somewhat typical of my experience).  I am trying out some of your very helpful recommendations.  Winter static very bad right now and it is obvious.  Even with a humidifier running 24/7 and careful cleaning, Zerostat, etc. most albums become fatiguing after the first couple of songs.  It seems like the static builds up as the record spins.  :-(

It has definitely been an up/down ride so far.  Once in a while (but not lately!) it just dials in and I get it.  I see what everyone is talking about with the sound.  Even with my modest rig - vintage Dual 1219 TT and Graham Slee Gram amp 2 - I get it.  Of course album condition plays a huge part.  Some good used finds and some that look good but sound bad.  Returned/exchanged 4 of the 10 brand new albums purchased (don't get me started).

So while working on cleaning/static solutions I am also considering upgrades.  I do like the Dual but possibly a new TT in the future.  For now I would like to get a new cartridge.  The current, and most likely original, is a Shure m93e.  Researched many threads and found some possible replacements to be Shure m97xe or v15.  These would be used I presume as Shure is out of the cartridge business.  Audio technica at440mla, Ortofon Red?  I think I prefer new.  Anybody with 1219 experience would like to share an opinion?  

I have about $300 into it so far between purchase and professional tune-up.  I figure I could drop another $100 - $200 to see what a new cartridge can do for me.  Not hi end, I know, but good enough for now.  Not sure that I want to dive deeper with a new TT, RCM, etc.

millercarbon"Even tracking a perfectly smooth and silent groove excites the natural harmonic resonance of the whole stylus/cantilever/suspension/motor moving mass."

For you to say this means you do not understand the basic function of resonance in general and in Music Reproduction Systems in particular because that is not how naturall harmonic resonance works in any way at alll.

"Vibrations go up the cantilever, to the motor (coil or magnet) which being much more massive reflects it right back down to the stylus, which being light can only dissipate this energy by bouncing and hitting the groove walls."

The bouncing part is very funny you have a fertile, active, free spirited imagination!

Bouncy bouncy! Funny! 


Peter Ledermann is the president, CEO and chief designer at Soundsmith. Ledermann has decades of experience designing, building, and repairing phono cartridges. Please skip to 20 min for his discussion of jitter

Learn something new every day, eh?

He’s a little long-winded. Takes till about 28 min to show a diagram of the exact same thing I described in my post above.

Got it? If not let me know. There’s another one of the guy who designed the new Onkk Cue turntable talking about the exact same thing.

Lol chakster, easy now.  I don’t  have any plans to get one.  Although I would experiment if the price was right.  ;-)
Cartridge, etc. first.

Thanks yogi for the link, I’ll check it out.   Think I remember hearing that Grado cartridges are a little more lively than most. Is this a valid point? 
Wow yogi, that is a positively gushing review.  Those always make me go hmmm....   Do you have the Grado black 2?