I have digitized about 17 LPs using VinylStudio. All seemed well, but ... they suddenly just disappeared. Literally nowhere to be seen and it tells me there is nothing my collections. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have written VinylStudio, but have not heard from them yet. Thanks so much.
By the way, I do not let VS move my files. I prefer to keep them where I put them originally. That allows me to maintain a file structure that makes sense to me. It my case, the digitized files are maintained in a folder structure based on artist and album, just like I use for my music player (J River).
Thank you both. I will also post on the VS forum. (Don't know why I didn't first. sigh.) I will, however, check out your suggestions first. (I'm in the middle of a recording now, so I can't check out the collections folder. But I will. Again, my sincere thanks. I'm disappointed I haven't heard from VinylStudio people yet.  
Keith Jones
Amarillo, Tx
Keith  - Paul is usually very quick about responding but a copy of times lately he has been slow in responding, which is unlike him. Hopefully he will respond soon. Meanwhile, do some testing and we might be able to figure out what is wrong. I am away from home, so my response may be somewhat slow.
Hmmm, I'm a bit late to the party here I know, and I do apologise if I didn't respond to your post  / message in a timely fashion, but I was rather unwell back then. I'm well and truly back in action now though, so any [further] problems just let me know:

Paul Sanders, AlpineSoft.
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