Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads Audio Club Anyone?

I'm looking for some fellow audio enthusiasts for informal gatherings in the Hampton Roads area. High End, DIY, Vintage, whatever your thing is. I am in the Indian River section of Chesapeake, not far from (Digital Sound).

Is there anybody out there?

I recently moved to the VA Beach area and interested to find out if a Hampton Roads Audio Society was ever established and if so I would be interested in more info.

Hi Gary,

Yes, there is a group of 6 in Hampton Roads area (centered in Portsmouth). There is a bigger group in Richmond. If you can email me directly, I will fill you in more:
vinylsound@yahoo dot com
Dave, I too am near Digital Sound, which has since moved to Cleveland Ave near Witchduck.
I am in the Great Bridge / Hickory area of Chesapeake and enjoy gathering with friends to listen to music. Let me know if interested.