Virginia Beach

There's another thread here for this area but it is over two years old with no follow on posts. So here's another go at it. I have no friends that care for my hobby, especially two channel. And then they ask where the Bose surround is at and I have a mini stroke every time.

I'm looking to try to get some serious people involved and if only just for a short time to gather new ideas and share experiences. So post something, give me a shout..whatever. We'll figure something out. And yes I know about the Richmond chapter. I'm not interested in driving an hour and a half to get there. Just keeping it local. Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk residents... where are you?
Unfortunately since the date this post was first written I've moved into a larger place and now have a room mate so I can't offer my residence as a place for listening events. But it doesn't mean I won't grab some gear and haul it wherever!