Vitus versus Gryphon

In general, What’s distinct differences and similarities between Vitus integrates amps and Gryphon?
Perhaps, Vitus ri-101 and Gryphon Diablo-120. 
 Thank you
I own vitus sia 025. Demoed the gryphon diablo 300
before going vitus. Both are fantastic but decided to
go vitus because of its midrange warmth that i find
so appealing that listening to to neutral speakers like
magico, wilson and vivid is almost like listening to bbc
inspired speakers, hence the midrange magic. Even 
bad recordings becomes good.

if you like prat, slam and ultra neutrality, go with gryphon.
The SIA-025 as a lower powered, sweet sounding class A amp is quite a different beast from the RI-101 which is a 300 watts class AB brute. (But still excellent) How either of these may compare to Gryphon I will leave to others that have heard both. I doubt you could go wrong with any of these choices however, as they are all top echelon gear.
Thank you so much guys.
I like Prat and musicality. I can deal with tone such warm or neutral but won’t like slam or soulless. I’ve been exposed to sweet and romantic probably because my past gears and CDs so I could con’t or change to new path...
 I have heard both units from 2 diff systems and would like to hear more from the wise.
Here is our take on these two fabulous beasts

in general Vitus gear is sweat sounding, with a perhaps a bit more lively of a sound, with a bit less slam then the Gryphon,  At a few shows the Diablo 300 sounded good but was not the wow inducing sound of the bigger more expensive Gryphon products.

You may want to add the T+A gear to your uber list, the T+A PA 3100HV is one of the worlds finest integrated amplifiers and hits a beautiful neutral point of being a bit on the warm side with excellent detail and a very big holographic sound stage.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ T+A dealers