Viva Solista Question

For those of you who own the Viva Solista, could you answer a question for me? I believe the Solista comes with only one set of speaker binding posts connected to the 8 ohm taps. Do you know if there is a 4 ohm tap available inside the amp that can be wired to the speaker binding posts instead of using the 8 ohm?

Thank you for your help!
Not as far as I know. The speaker taps seemed well matched to a number of speakers I used. Doubtless the importer, if there is still one in the US, could tell you.
I previously owned one and I do not believe there are any adjustments internal for loudspeaker impedance either. My experience with the Solista was the same as David12 ... amp would drive anything I threw at it ... still probably the best sounding amp I ever owned. just could not deal with the heat from the 845's (plus my curious dogs and cats)