Vivaldi SACD recommendation?

Hi, I really like Vivaldi and would greatly appreciate any really good SACD recommendations.

Thanks in advance
Thanks Tom. I went ahead and purchased in it on Amazon. Looking forward to hearing it! Thanks again.

My favorite Vivaldi is La Stravaganza by Rachel Podger done in both CD and SACD (12 violin concertos). I have the CD but plan to buy the SACD. It can be found at and other places. The sonics are excellent and the SACD was rated 10/10 a few years ago by Absolute Sound. Great music as well.
My favorite Four Seasons is Christopher Hogwood and The Academy of Amcient Music on the L'oiseau Lyre label. This is an older recording but still sounds very good. I have Four Seasons SACD with Isaac Stern on the Sony label, but feel that it is of more historical significance and not as well recorded, even in SACD. IMHO. I am sure there will be other opinions about other Four Seasons and I know that there are other SACDs but I have not heard them. The La Stravaganza is a keeper, though.
Check out "Vivaldi, Concertos for the Emperor" - a collection of violin concertos (not the 4 Seasons) with Andrew Manze and the English Concert on the Harmonia Mundi label. Violin playing doesn't get much better and the recording quality is excellent. It's a hybrid redbook cd/SACD.