Voices coming through soundbar after I turn off tv

I hear voices!

Seriously, this sounds strange but about four times over the last couple months I’ve heard a conversation or a voice coming through my soundbar or tv 1-5 minutes after I’ve turned it off. Not voices from tv show but kind of like a brief part of someone’s conversation. The first time I was brushing my teeth and I heard about 3 seconds of a man and woman talking like possibly a phone conversation. Couldn’t make out what they were saying as the water was running. Another time I heard someone say "listen". A couple other times I heard something but couldn’t make it out.

This has coincided with my tv randomly turning on slower than normal and  having the cable menu for the channel come up with a snow picture for a couple seconds then an audio pop followed by the picture coming on.

I have a Sony 85 inch LCD thats less than 2 years old and a Sony Z9F soundbar that’s wired to the tv and a Sony bluetooth sub. I have a box from Xfinity cable. My audio rig is not connected to any of the av gear listed above.

I’m wondering ifsomebody’s bluetooth signal is synching with the soundbar but that’s only a guess. It’s weird that it only happens randomly shortly after I turn the system off.

I’ve had two techs from Xfinity come out and they couldn’t find anything wrong. They did remove an unnecessary splitter outside and my picture got better.

Anyone heard of something like this or have an idea how to get to the bottom of it?


I had a problem years ago with bleed in from my neighbors CB radio.  My system was off but it was picked up by the speaker cables and came out through my Dahlquist DQ10's!  Grounded coaxial speaker cables fixed the problem.  

I would guess you have a cell phone coming through and it happens after turn off when the power supplies still have some juice in them.  I suggest you install a good power line filter if you don't have one and make sure your equipment is grounded properly.  This means checking the earth line and neutral line all the way back to your distribution panel.  

I doubt it is Bluetooth since that is a secure channel connection and what you have is a relative powerful bleed through. 

Thanks, I have 2 Furmans with all my gear plugged into them. Only the TV/soundbar is doing this. Very odd.

I had a Rega integrated that did that and it was sound coming through from my DAC.

Never figured it out, gave the Rega to a neighborhood kid though.

If it is only the soundbar creating the problem, try this - Put a 0.00001 to 0.001uFd COG/NPO capacitor across the speaker terminals with a voltage rating of 100V or more.   You can get a one from DigiKey, Newark, or Mouser.  If it is a RF bleed in, that might just kill it.  If the soundbar is powered internally, then this trick won't work. 

I hope you don't have a little blonde daughter named Carol-Anne, as this might speak to a more spiritual issue at hand.