Volti does it again!

For anyone at the Florida Audio Expo I hope you took the time to check in on what Greg of Volti audio brought. A new model, right between the Razz and Rival. It’s called Lucera and it sounds sublime! Everything I love about my Razz but better in all ways. I am literally sitting in my hotel room trying to negotiate with my better half on how to order a pair. 
PS, everything I’ve read about visiting the “Three Amigos” at the show is correct. Volti, Border Patrol, and Triode labs make a heavenly combination. I can’t wait to go back and listen again tomorrow.

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I heard the Volti speakers at the 2022 Axpona in Tampa.  That was one of just two rooms that I didn't want to leave at the whole show.  (The Acora's rocked too.)

It had me thinking hard about revamping my entire system.  Building a system with either high power, low to medium efficiency speakers or low power high efficiency speakers.  The latter is I think, the more cost effective path to great sound.  Makes me think about a Quad ESL system as well.  That is the magical system right there- but not for rock and roll.  But I was too far down the path with my current system to change directions.  It would have been easier for me to just have two systems but I wouldn't be able to decide which one to sit down and listen to each night, causing my head to explode.

When I look at these speakers, I see Klipsch redux.

I’m not trying to be critical.

If anyone can explain how or why these are made differently or sound different from speakers in the Klipsch line, I’m all ears.

Because used Klipsch speakers are pretty easy to find used and are likely less expensive than new Volti.

Oh, and has anyone heard Pi speakers? https://pispeakers.com/Products.html


Open to hearing reasoning and experiences. Go!


I have never heard the Volti but it might just come down to quality of parts. the mid horn is mad of wood where Klispch is made of thin plastic (even the La Scala). Klispch has stamped baskets and all in all just seem cheaply put together to me (I think they sound fine but not refined enough for me).

I would like to read more about the drivers in the Volti as the drivers are 90% of the sound quality IMO. they could be amazing drivers or very average, there is simply not enough information for me to know without listening. Measurements would help these small brands sell speakers as it would take out the some of the risk as a buyer.


With that said I think the price to build quality looks really good on these. I expected them to be just over $10,000. At $7500 I would try these if I was in the market.

@james633 Thanks for your comments. I'm now poring over the Pi website. This looks like a serious option for me to investigate, and parts are specified and can be upgraded. Plus, there are kits for those interested. Seems like a potential competitor to Omega and maybe Devore, at least superficially.

@2psyop my current set up. Volti Razz, Cary SLI80HS integrated, MoFi ultra deck with Hana ML, Parasound Jc3 jr phono pre, Line Magnetic LM 24 disc player. When I talked with Greg the sensitivity of the new model was higher than the Razz, 98db I believe…

As for the comparison to Klipsch, yes there’s no denying the similarities. The Volti website has a pretty decent compare and contrast write up. As for me I did own a pair of Heresy lV which I enjoyed. Don’t tell anyone but my usual is to pull out drivers and look inside my speakers. The Heresy was constructed well, but no where near the level of the Volti. When I picked up my Razz from the shop I was able to see all models in various stages of build. In all Volti the cabinets are made of thick marine grade wood, heavily braced throughout. I’m no expert, but the drivers appear of excellent quality. And the real gem to me was the 2” throats on the mid horn. Unreal to me how much more realistic the human voice sounded with only a minor difference in throat size.