Volti does it again!

For anyone at the Florida Audio Expo I hope you took the time to check in on what Greg of Volti audio brought. A new model, right between the Razz and Rival. It’s called Lucera and it sounds sublime! Everything I love about my Razz but better in all ways. I am literally sitting in my hotel room trying to negotiate with my better half on how to order a pair. 
PS, everything I’ve read about visiting the “Three Amigos” at the show is correct. Volti, Border Patrol, and Triode labs make a heavenly combination. I can’t wait to go back and listen again tomorrow.

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When I heard the Volti speakers at the show he was using some $40k SET amps with a Lampizator DAC.  Certainly hard to go wrong with that setup.

It's common to think that each component in a system should not be too out of line cost wise with the other components.  Not always the case as with these Volti speakers.  They were quite capable in utilizing top level electronics.  I have a pair of B&W floor standing speakers that I bought in 1999 for my HT system.  They were ok.  I was curious one day and connected them to my hifi system.  They didn't get any better.

The Volti speakers also have the option of external crossovers.  A further refinement keeping the electronics away from sources (the speaker drivers) of vibration.

Well sadly I think Volti’s website is not updated. $7,500 is the price of the Razz. Also the pictures under the Lucera link are pictures of the razz.

In this video the paper on the table shows a prices of $11,750 for the Lucera.



That's some nice gear and I am willing to bet those new Volti speakers will sound great, better sound in every area. Nice choice and match to the Cary.

I've been interested in Volti speakers for a while but was turned off by the "no returns for any reason" policy...I'd have to be sold on them at a show I suppose but that's very unlikely as no shows appear to be near me or anywhere I feel like traveling to. Yet.