Volti does it again!

For anyone at the Florida Audio Expo I hope you took the time to check in on what Greg of Volti audio brought. A new model, right between the Razz and Rival. It’s called Lucera and it sounds sublime! Everything I love about my Razz but better in all ways. I am literally sitting in my hotel room trying to negotiate with my better half on how to order a pair. 
PS, everything I’ve read about visiting the “Three Amigos” at the show is correct. Volti, Border Patrol, and Triode labs make a heavenly combination. I can’t wait to go back and listen again tomorrow.

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That Miata I had was a great little car.  A 2006 (NC) with only 18K miles!  It was like new still.  I loved how simple and reliable it was.  Just throw the canvas top back.  It's the type of car you can imagine just jumping into without opening the doors and then head down to the beach.  Of course I couldn't do that as large and old as I am.  lol

I wish I could own as many cars as Jay Leno!  


Like my dad used to say. It’s more fun to drive a slower car quickly than a fast car slowly. 
I enjoy every moment in my 2002 (NB) Miata. Never feel like I get to drive it enough. After a hard workday it’s the perfect antidote. Jump in and pretend I’m at Monaco while driving home. I’d make Lewis Hamilton proud, in my head…

I started with a 2005 NB Miata in East Tennessee 18 years ago.  Joined the local Miata Club.  The weekend drives were a lot of fun.  Got to see a lot of East TN and NC.  Got the bug in me to get a Z4.  It was faster straight line but heavier.  Then the Audi TT Roadster.  Fast and fun with the grip of all wheel drive.  I am the limiting factor with the Audi.  The Miata could climb the steep hairpin turns just fast enough and still hold the road.  The Audi TT can climb them too fast and start drifting.  Things can get a bit too exciting at that point.  It goes into a neutral slide but fortunately back off the throttle and the tires quickly regain their grip.  Good thing, it can be a long way down.

I always get a kick out of the "return policy" guys.  Seriously, don't you make some effort to hear a product before jumping in?  Years ago I bought a pair of artisan two-way speakers that were rarely sold by dealers.  I reached out on one of the audio forums and asked if anyone who owned them would mind hosting me for a demo and offered to bring their beverage of choice.  I had immediate opportunities offered, chose one, and had a great time "auditioning" the speakers and met some great music lovers to boot.  I ended up buying the speakers and had them for many years.

I'm sure Volti owners in your area would be happy to show off their speakers.  And if you are ever in Tennessee, I know for a fact that Greg would be happy to demo them for you.  It's just not that hard to hear things, even if you have to travel a little to do it.

I own a pair of Rival SEs, that I stepped up to from a pair of Razz.  I got the Razz to replace a pair of Klipsch Forte IIIs.  The Volti's are so obviously in a different league than any of the Klipsch Heritage series that I have heard (everything up to La Scala), that it should be immediately obvious to anyone who listens to them.  Hell, just take the testament of the folks who have replaced Klipsch horns with Greg's versions.  Volti's also sound great with a variety of amps, I'm currently running AGD Audion Monoblocks (GaNFET amps) and they sound sublime with the Rival SEs.  Just one of five amps that I have heard with them and they all sound excellent.  These are great speakers, full-stop, no caveats.  

I always get a kick out of the "return policy" guys. Seriously, don’t you make some effort to hear a product before jumping in?

Do you always get a kick? Or are you trolling?

Many of us DO make an effort to find others with the speakers we’re interested in. Small companies don’t often have that wide a distribution. It’s a big country -- have you noticed?

That’s why return policies exist, bro. That’s why other companies have them.

Greg explained why he doesn’t want to do this. Totally legit reasoning and totally his choice. He was chill about it. He didn’t jump on the people asking a perfectly reasonable question about a perfectly common practice. He doesn’t really need trolling to make his argument. He made it with good reasoning and civility. Take a page.